Denim Mini Yukata on Sale in Japan

“Denim Mini Yukata”, a well-reputed, stylish staff uniform has been on sale as a limited summer fashion item from a unique collaboration between TSUKADA NOJO and Lee Japan; an izakaya restaurant and a denim jeans brand. International deliveries became available from this summer.

Tokyo – June 21th , 2016 – AP COMPANY CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Hisashi YONEYAMA), a management company of TSUKADA NOJO (Tsukada Farm), Japanese Izakaya-styled farm to table and sea to table restaurants, launched the Denim Mini Yukata (a casual summer Kimono) again this year, on June 21, 2016.
■An ideal outfit for a date or a special event in summer
In Japan, Yukata has been a women’s signature fashion style in summer. Denim Mini Yukata is a perfect outfit for a date in summer and a seasonal event such as a fireworks festival. The greatest feature is that this unique Yukata is made with thin, soft denim, and easy to arrange or create a style of your own. Besides wearing it in a traditional style, Denim Mini Yukata also goes well with modern fashion items including a belt, sandals and sneakers. You might want to wear Denim Mini Yukata when you go camping or to a summer rock festival. For men, there is Denim Samue (inspired by a Japanese traditional work costume).

■Pursued functionality and creativity in collaboration with Lee
Denim Mini Yukata and Denim Samue were originally designed and manufactured as the uniforms for the staff members working at TSUKADA NOJO outlets, and they were commercialized in response to positive feedbacks from the customers last year. The concept for the outlets of TSUKADA NOJO is a shrine festival in a farm village, and the staff uniform also got an inspiration from farmers’ traditional workwear in Hokkaido. In collaboration with Lee creating workwear based on their philosophy, ‘Be more stylish at work’, AP COMPANY embodied the existing brand image of TSUKADA NOJO in Denim Mini Yukata and Denim Samue. These new-style summer Kimonos are comfortable and stylish outfits with the elements of a western shirt such as a breast pocket and a yoke. In addition, both items are machine-washable, and will have better textures from repeated use.