Seaweed hair dye for grey hair

Japan’s best selling home hair colour treatment for covering roots and grey hair. This natural hair manicure treatment adheres to the surface of your hair, protecting it from damage and giving you full control over the amount of coverage.

Additive, paraben and silicone free, our home hair colour treatment is full of natural and organic Rishiri Kombu seaweed extract to keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. This deep conditioning colour treatment is highly effective at colouring grey hairs and roots, yet gentle enough to use as often as you want for natural, glossy looking hair.

Quick and easy to use, either at home or on the go, with no nasty smells or chemicals. Unlike chemical dyes which can often irritate skin our Natural Hair Colour Treatment does not penetrate the hair shaft, so it’s kinder to your hair and scalp. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin or allergies to chemical dyes.

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